Meet the Therapist

Laura has been in the holistic health industry since 2012. With vast experience in various forms of energetic bodywork, Laura draws on her accumulated knowledge and skills to customize each client’s session. This personalized attention, as well as Laura’s firm belief that the deepest level of healing occurs when the three interdependent body energies—mental, physical and emotional are treated – thereby providing clients greater and more lasting release from chronic or acute pain.
Laura believes lasting health is only achieved when the Body Wisdom makes corrections

Founder & CEO

Laura Massone

What is “Body Wisdom”

The body is a dynamic vessel that is designed to correct, heal and restore itself.  The analogy I use with my clients to help them understand the body’s innate wisdom is this: “Imagine you break  a bone and the doctor puts a cast on it. What heals the bone? The cast? No, not the cast. The cast simply immobilizes the bone until your body can heal it.” That is Body Wisdom.

My Story

I wasn’t raised in an all natural holistic home. I come from the traditional home that when you’re sick you go to the doctor get medication and take it as directed. I wasn’t introduced to an all natural lifestyle until I was an adult. Then I realized how truly magnificent our body and mind truly is and I embarked on a journey to help others realize and understand it. I left my corporate America job and went back to school to become a CranioSacral Therapist. At that time I had no idea how drastically my life would change. Here I am several years later and have the same love and enthusiasm for this work as I did when I began school. To say this therapy is life changing is really putting it mildly. For individuals that seek to regain their life and leave behind the chronic and acute issues they battle is what I take the most pride in. This work and each of my clients (friends really) are my love and passion.

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